Wireless Networking and Systems (WINGS) Lab

Samir Das, Professor and Chair
PhD'94 Georgia Tech.
Research Interests: Mobile/Wireless Networking, Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks, Performance Evaluation
Himanshu Gupta, Associate Professor
PhD'99 Stanford Univesity
Email: hgupta AT
Research Interests: My recent research activities focus on theoretical issues in wireless networking. In particular, I am interested in sensor networks and databases. My other research interests are in database systems and theory, wherein, I'm interested in materialized views, (multiple) query optimization, and data analysis.
Current Students
Max Curran
PhD Candidate, 2013 - Present
Webpage: LinkedIn
Research Interests: free space optic networks, spectrum security, data center circuit switch scheduling
Shaifur Rahman
PhD Candidate, 2013 - Present
Research Interests: Spectrum monitoring, free space optics
Sohee Kim Park
PhD Candidate, 2014 - Present
Email: soheekim [at]
Research Interests: Mobile Video, Quality of Experience
Webpage: LinkedIn
Duin Baek
PhD Candidate, 2014 - Present
Email: dback [at]
Research Interests: Video Streaming, Quality of Experience, Biometrics
Webpage: LinkedIn
Mallesham Dasari
PhD Student, 2016 - Present
Research Interests: Wireless Networked Systems, Mobile Quality of Experience (Video and Web)
Caitao Zhan
PhD Candidate, 2017 - Present
Research Interests: Spectrum Sensing, Localization, Machine Learning for Networking
Abeer Ahmad
PhD Student, 2017 - Present
Research Interests: Backscattering, RFID
Webpage: link
Mohammad Ghaderibaneh
PhD Student, 2018 - Present
Research Interests: Spectrum Sensing, Machine Learning
Webpage: LinkedIn
Lab Alumni
Arani Bhattacharya
PhD Candidate, 2013 - 2019
Research Interests: Spectrum Monitoring, Video Quality of Experience, Computation Offloading
Vasudevan Nagendra
PhD Candidate, 2014 - 2019
Research Interests: Applications of SDN, Network Security & Virtualization, NFVs, LTE/4G/5G, IoT Security
Ayon Chakraborty, NEC Labs America
PhD Candidate, 2011 - 2017
Research Interests: Quality of Experience, Localization Technologies, RF Spectrum Management
Jihoon Ryoo, Assistant Professor, SUNY Korea
PhD Candidate, 2011 - 2017
Research Interests: Wireless Networking, RFID
Zafar Ayub Qazi, Postdoc at UC Berkeley
PhD Candidate, 2010 - 2015
Research Interests: Mobile/Wireless Networking, Green Networking. Flexible channelization, rate control algorithms and design, modeling and evaluation of MAC layer protocols, VANETS
Phani Krishna
PhD Candidate, 2014 - 2015, Moved to University of Southern Carolina
Navid Azimi, Google
PhD Candidate, 2008 - 2014
Research Interests: Algorithms Complexity Bioinformatics
Webpage: link
Giordano Fusco
PhD Candidate, 2008 - 2013
Research Interests: Cellular Networks, Wireless Networks, Ad-Hoc Networks, Computer Networks, Green Computing
Seyed Fayazbakhsh, Moved to Carnegie Mellon University
PhD Candidate, 2010 - 2013
Research Interests: Wireless networks, Channelization and scheduling in software defined radio as well as in IEEE 802.11 systems, Applications of machine learning in wireless networks.
Pralhad Deshpande, IBM Research
PhD 2012
Utpal Kumar Paul
PhD 2012
Research Interests: Wireless Networks, MAC layer issues in WiFi and Sensor networks.Experimental systems research on embedded wireless platforms
Xiaoxiao Hou
Ritesh Maheswari, Akamai Technologies
Xianjin Zhu, Two Sigma
Webpage: LinkedIn
Anand Kashyap, Symantec Research
Anand Prabhu Subramanian, Bell Labs, Alcatel Lucent
Vishnu Navda, Microsoft Research
Webpage: Microsoft Research People
Shweta Jain, Assistant Professor, York College, CUNY
Bin Tang, Assistant Professor, Wichita State University
Zhongheng Zhou,
Mahesh Marina, Lecturer, Uni' Edinburgh
Mahmoud Al-ayyoub, Faculty, University of Jordan
Current Students
Fall 2018 Rohit Bahl
Fall 2018 Shivasagar Boraiah
Fall 2018 Nishant Kulkarni
Alumni Employment Projects Topics
Fall 2017 Vipul Gandhi Google Network Function Virtualization
Fall 2017 Jitendra Savanpur Goldmani Sachs Spectrum Management
Fall 2017 Ashrith H.C Google 360 Degree Video Streaming
Fall 2016 Snigdha Kamal Visa Spectrum Management (Machine Learning)
Fall 2016 Pratheek Baliga Facebook Cloud Gaming
Fall 2016 Gargi Saha Intel Mobile Video QoE
Fall 2015 Himanshu Sharma Amazon NFV for core Cellular Networks
Fall 2015 Shubhada Patil Google Cellular core EPC
Fall 2015 Modrita Sengupta Facebook Mobile Video Quality of Experience
Fall 2015 Alpit Gupta Amazon Cloud gaming
Fall 2014 Santosh Ghosh Riverbed Technologies
Fall 2014 Pragathi Mallu Reddy Syncsort Analysis of Android application binaries
Fall 2014 Vivek Chetty Epic Systems Energy benchmarking in 802.11AC Wi-Fi, Newer transport protocols (Google QUIC)
Fall 2014 SrikanthVihari Kothapalli JP Morgan Chase Evaluation of Active Queue Management (AQM) techniques in Wi-Fi networks
Fall 2013 Udit Gupta Intel Mobile spectrum sensing (Masters Thesis)
Fall 2013 Gaurav Dugar Google Quality of Experience measurement
Fall 2013 Devesh Bajpai CA Technologies GSM based indoor cellular localization
Fall 2013 Akshay Joshi Amazon GSM based indoor cellular localization
Fall 2012 Vaibhav Kumar Microsoft Understanding redundant network traffic in mobile apps
Fall 2012 Vibha Kathuria Palantir Technologies Network optimization for android apps, Smart-grid
Fall 2012 Abhirup Dutta VMWare User activity monitoring tools
Fall 2011 Venkatesh Kothakota Pernix Data Mobile web browsing performance
Fall 2011 Gokulraj Mohansundaram Microsoft Smart Grid
Fall 2011 Supratik Sinha VMWare Channel bonding for wireless interfaces
Fall 2009 Abhishek Goswami MicrosoftWi-Fi Localization
Fall 2008 Rajendran ThirupugalsamyCisco
Fall 2007 Praveen DurairajGoldman Sachs
Fall 2002 Vishal Chowdhary Microsoft
Fall 2006 Dhanasekaran KannanMicrosoft
Fall 2002 Salil GokhalePure Storage
Fall 2002 Nishant GuptaOpnet
Aarti Agrawal Cisco
Nitin JainMotorola
Avinash JoshiMesh Networks
Vijay KumarTexas Instruments
Archana MohantyXilinix
Naveen RamrajQualcomm
Swapnil PatilTransferred to CMU for PhD
Kanthimathinathan SambandanTransfered to Georgia Tech for PhD
Chul Sung Transferred to Texas A&M for PhD
Nadeem SayeedTransfered to Georgia Tech for PhD
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